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Why it’s Time to Ditch the Razor and consider permanent hair reduction

Imagine a life without razors, imagine if you can. No hair below us, above us only…skin? With technological developments in the beauty industry more advanced than ever, being hair-free is not only a dream, it’s a reality and within our reach. With more pressure on our time, our wallets and our ever increasing desire to look good, the solution is IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light therapy to give its proper name.

OK you may be thinking, this is nothing new it’s been around for ages, but the truth is IPL is more popular than ever. Director of multi-award winning Edinburgh beauty salon and skin clinic Fiona Fowley says “Our clients have increasing time pressures and a lot of people just couldn’t fit in a wax every few weeks. We also found that clients were spending way more on waxing in the long term when they could be permanently hair-free for less money in the long run”.

Although cost seems to be one of the main reasons clients are choosing IPL over other forms of hair removal, the health benefits of IPL hair removal are also a consideration for people suffering from painful skin conditions as a result of shaving too often. Zen client Lucy Ingles said “I was getting terrible razor rash and it was itchy and sore. I didn’t really like waxing as it can be painful and time-consuming so I decided to opt for IPL. I have never had to shave my legs again and it’s really liberating”.

With independent clinical studies over 10 years proving that IPL definitely works, what’s involved and more importantly, does it hurt? According to Senior Beauty Therapist Katie Fraser, IPL is a very straight forward and safe treatment that is suitable for most people and virtually pain free. All areas of the face and body can be treated, though a series of treatments are needed for IPL to be effective. “The number of treatments required depends on the areas treated and the type of hair” says Katie. “We ask clients to do a simple skin patch test and consultation to check IPL is suitable for their skin type”. One thing’s for sure, imagining a life without razors is heaven.

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