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With three clinics in Edinburgh and an awards list as long as your arm, Zen Lifestyle is a recognisable name in the beauty industry. It is one of the few places that can confidently call itself a salon, clinic and spa, and deliver all the treatments you would expect of those three different genres. Their treatment list ranges from gel nails through to wrinkle reducing injections, making it easy to see why Zen’s clientele stretches beyond the East Coast.

I visited the Hanover Street salon in the centre of Edinburgh and after some tram-related road rage it was a delight to step into an oasis of calm. The clinic is open and spacious and the staff are both professional and quietly helpful. I had opted for wrinkle relaxing injections, followed by a Priori facial peel.

Nurse Sally Gray ran through my medical history. Having specialised in aesthetic medicine for nearly 8 years, she quickly put me at ease. She explained that this type of treatment should only be carried out by a fully qualified physician. Sally uses market leading products from the hugely reputable Allergan.

She talked me through the benefits of the wrinkle relaxing injections and suggested I go for a natural yet youthful result, she would treat the area under my eyes as well as the forehead. After thoroughly running through everything I needed to know from what the treatment would involve, through to any (very unlikely) side effects, she began the injections. Completely painless (seriously, I’ve never had an injection that had so little sensation), it was over in a matter of minutes.

A few days later I began to notice the results and several people remarked that my skin or make-up looked flawless.

After my check up with Sally I decided to go for the Priori Advanced AHA Peel. Priori is a little known skincare brand that is proving to be a hit with beauty editors globally due to its corrective properties and visible results.

My therapist was extremely knowledgeable and actually examined my skin in advance of the treatment and made a number of recommendations based on her findings. She guessed that I didn’t have a great skincare routine (does soap count?) and that I didn’t use a specific moisturiser for the eye area (guilty again). Being of the school of thought that any beauty treatment should actually have a purpose with a visible result at the end, it makes a welcome change from just having random lotions slapped on by someone who wants to complain about their boyfriend. The product was applied and felt a little tingly, it was left on for six minutes, meanwhile my therapist gave me a shoulder and neck massage. The Priori facial peel is not as severe as a chemical peel so thankfully there is no downtime.

Once the time was up she removed the product and applied a light moisturiser and advised against using any further products that day. In the days that followed I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin tone – it was brighter, more even and my make-up sat better.

So all in all, if you want to put your best face forward for summer, Zen Lifestyle Clinic is a good place to start. So much so that I will happily negotiate the trams if it means having skin this flawless!

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Hanover St: 0131 225 7009
Teviot Pl: 0131 226 6777
Bruntsfield Pl: 0131 477 3535