We are delighted to inform you all about the fabulous Murad opening evening we had on Tuesday 14th September 2010 at Teviot place. The evening began at 5.00pm and finished at around 9.00pm. It was an overall enjoyable night and we are delighted with everyone that came along on the evening.

The evening began with a champagne reception with strawberries, fresh orange juice and sparkling water on arrival.  We had several items on offer that evening that our clients were able to purchase.

Notable guests from the UK beauty industry

We had Dr. Dutta, one of the UK’s top cosmetics doctors who has specialised in many areas of cosmetic surgery. He had many clients on Tuesday interested in his Fraxel and Thermage treatments.

Fiona Fowley was giving consultations and discussing the new permanent make-up service that we launched recently. Fiona also discussed the new HD brows, the celebrity secret to perfect eyebrows that have came to Zen also recently!

Next in line, we had Christian, the founder of Soulmate Foods. Christian was at hand to discuss his exciting new Murad Inclusive Health Menu: healthy organic meals delivered to your door. Christian also took along with him his delicious range of food for everyone to nibble on; the vegetable sticks served with the soy-roasted seeds, spicy tomato dip went down a treat with everyone!

We also had Rebecca the manager for Murad in Scotland along with Elliot managing Director for Murad in the UK at the open evening. Elliot and Rebecca blended in with the guests and were available to discuss the range of products in Murad and the ongoing offers we have on in Murad at the moment.

To the end the evening off with a true pampering treats; all guests were given a goody bag filled with discounts and products.
This evening was launched to introduce you to the products and services that we have on offer for you, in particular Murad.

We would like to thank everyone that popped their head in on Tuesday; we look forward to seeing you again and for those that we haven’t seen, we hope to see you at our next open evening in the near future.