People have always wondered where my love for waxing has come from,  for years I have always felt the same about it… I just love it! I love the immediate results you can get from waxing,  not having to worry about any stubble showing up a few hours later and I find it just as satisfying doing a waxing treatment as I do getting it done – weird I know!

Evolution of bikini waxing

Bikini waxing has definitely changed over the years – gone are the days when there was just one type, now at Zen we have 4! The arrival of Hot wax has made waxing on the bikini line a lot less painful – this made a huge difference to Brazilian and Hollywood clients so there’s no more oohhhs and ahhhs being heard in the salon! You can also come visit us earlier than normal as the wax can grab onto shorter hairs without the dreaded tug and pull and there’s no going over the area over and over again! And aftercare….piece of cake! Just lightly exfoliate the area after and use tend skin to stop any ingrown hairs popping up…. Simple.

So now we can finally say we are no longer nervous about coming in for our bikini waxing all thanks to hot wax hurrrray.

Jo – Therapist, Teviot Place Salon