I recently completed my training for HD eyebrows, and I am really enjoying doing them! HD brows are a new revolutionary 7 step procedure to get the perfect brows. HD brows are eyebrow artistry as it can transform even the most over plucked brows over a course of treatments.

More than just a regular eyebrow shape!

First of all the brows are tinted to suit the individuals colourings. We then wax, tweeze and thread the brows. The aim is to create a more angular shape rather than rounded. To finish the treatment off, some mineral powder is applied and any areas that need to be left to grow are penciled in. The HD Brow Beater then sets and holds the brows in place.

The trainer Nilam was fantastic and taught us how to assess each individual’s brows to create an HD shape to suite everyone’s face shape.

I was very nervous about having my own brows done as they are very blonde and I have never tinted them before. The finished result however is unbelievable! My eyebrows are so much fuller and defined now! I’ll never look back!

Jill Stott – Therapist Bruntsfield Salon