Neom Returns to Zen Lifestyle

We are beyond excited to have welcomed NEOM back into our salons. The only brand dedicated to creating products that are 100% natural with proven well-being benefits. Our NEOM range includes candles, diffusers, room spays and hand wash & lotion.

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Products that are blended with 100% pure essential oils not only enhance a room but they also provide a therapeutic treatment as you inhale the amazing scents. When you have a treatment with us, the feeling of relaxation or vigour is enhanced by the aromatherapy scent. With NEOM you can have this in your own home…

Light a candle to change your mood as they fill the air with natural goodness.

Spray a room mist onto fabric or into the air around you for an instant mood enhancer.

Fill the air with a reed diffuser to provide a gentler, more consistent level of fragrance.

Or use the hand wash and lotions for nourished hands that smell divine!

Whatever product you choose you’ll be instantly converted to NEOM’s scents. We must admit it was tough deciding which fragrances to stock but what a wonderful 2 hours we had!

The products come beautifully packaged and the 3 wick candles will burn for up to 50 hours – just think how many baths you’ll be able to look forward to!