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Whether you’ve been basking in the summer sunshine on some exotic holiday or soaking up the rays right here in Edinburgh, chances are those amazing UV rays have also gone and damaged your skin and accelerated its anti-ageing effects. Yes, even with a high SPF on. And so, after a summer of excess it’s time to SOS – save our skin, to be precise.

I’m the first to admit I love a bit of sunshine. However, more than 20 years in the beauty industry has taught me that it also results in skin damage. What’s even worse is that it’s damage that isn’t visible…for now. My SOS saviour has been the state-of-the-art Visia Complexion Analysis which is used around the world by leading cosmetic doctors and dermatologists.

Ever wondered what sort of skin you really have? What the real age of your skin is? Or, how you might look in five years’ time if you carry on? Trust me, this is the analysis for you. Once I experienced it, I had to have it for our clients at Zen. This in-depth assessment of your current skin condition, using the latest technology from the US, scans and maps out precisely what’s happening above and below the skin’s surface. Wrinkles, texture, bacteria, pigmentation, pores and spots – it’s all there in HD. It’s the ultimate reality check but what it allows our therapists to do is to make informed decisions about the right skin care regime and most effective treatments to correct damage. After all, everyone is an individual and our skincare and treatments should always be bespoke.

If there’s one thing to kick your post autumn skincare regime into shape, then the Visia Complexion Analysis is it. Yes it will expose what lies ahead. But it also allows Team Zen to intervene now to prevent and correct it. Visia Digital Skin Analysis takes about 20-30 minutes and costs £35, although this is fully redeemable against any purchases of skin care products on the same day (Minimum purchase value £70). We also offer this treatment complementary if you are booking a facial.

So give us a call today, and lets start to save your skin!

By Fiona Fowley, Founder and Director