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From the big, outsized October editions of the glossies to the bright lights of London Fashion Week, there’s no escaping the fact that Autumn has arrived. And while I’m the first to have my new wardrobe planned with military precision for the colder months ahead, I have to say I get more excited and fastidious about my new skincare regime.

Just like our clothes, our makeup bags and skincare products need a seasonal overhaul to ensure our skin is at its best. From the harsh cold, drier air, central heating to the whipping Scottish winds, the winter elements wreak havoc on our skin. Constantly being exposed to the elements means your skin becomes less able to protect itself which can lead to loss of hydration and even inflammation.  

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I always recommend an advanced facial to start the new season, as it’s almost like a skincare MOT and service all rolled into one. The results-driven Elizabeth Arden PRO facial range are effective, skin enhancing facials that exfoliate, hydrate and firm as well as re-balance the skin. We also offer  Custom Facials, which have proven to be incredibly popular as each one is tailor-made to each individual and are ideal for those who tend to experience dry skin, loss of elasticity and dullness, especially after a summer in the sun. Our Custom Facials are also a lovely pampering treat, combining active unti-ageing products with a deeply reading experience.

During your facial treatment, our therapists make it a priority to discuss your skin type and requirements to ensure you are using the correct products to continue to take care of your skin outside the salon. At Zen, we stock all the products we use to make new skincare regimes effortless.  If you have a brand you prefer that we do not carry, our therapists will still guide you through the best cleansers, toners, serums, exfoliators and creams that will best benefit your skin.

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Before any facial, my top tip is a state-of-the-art Visia Complexion Analysis. Using the latest technology from the US, this in-depth assessment of your current skin condition scans and maps out precisely what’s happening above and below the skin’s surface. Post analysis, we’ll be able to make even more informed recommendations for a care regime based on the true state of your skin, not just what we can see on the surface.

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Once the experts have created the best foundations for your winter skin, the rest is up to you – and your products. Here are my top five products for winter:

Elizabeth Arden Barrier Repair Complex. This wonder product is designed to enhance moisturisation by providing essential skin nutrients to support the skin’s natural barrier. It helps to replenish and revitalize the skin.

Elizabeth Arden PRO Hydrating Peel Pads. They firm, hydrate and exfoliate and are my go-to product in between facials.

Elizabeth Arden PRO Smoothing eye serum. I absolutely love this serum as it quickly restores vital moisture to promote a radiant, firm and more youthful appearance, rCollagen-Support-300x300educing fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate eye area.

Murad Collagen Body Support – This rich body cream contains shea butter to intensely hydrate the skin and jojoba extract to triple skin’s moisture levels. The Collagen Support Complex helps to reveal younger-looking skin all over the body too. I use it all year round but it’s ideal for dry, grey, winter skin.

Murad Hydrodynamic Quenching Essence. If you suffer from dry skin as the seasons change, this is the product for you. This high performance moisture booster provides immediate hydration while also working to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Use under a moisturiser for maximum results.

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