WHAT: CACI Ultra facial at Zen Lifestyle

WHY: To soften lines, wrinkles, reduce sun damage and skin congestion whilst hydrating and toning the face.

PRICE: £115 For 90 minutes

Words: Julie Walsh


Having recently celebrated a milestone birthday (big 40), my skin was feeling it; dried out, dull and dehydrated to the point where I was seriously considering going down the Botox route before I discovered this wonder treatment.  The CACI facial uses four different technologies within one treatment, has been dubbed a “non-surgical  facelift” and has a loyal celebrity following who all have a youthful  glow and a certain spark despite their age and hectic lifestyles.

Zen at Bruntsfield was the location for my treatment, a small but intimate salon with a lovely calming atmosphere.  My therapist, lovely fresh faced Shona, thoroughly explained the science behind each process to me and I was able to discuss where I felt my problem ageing areas were.  When I comment on Shona’s glowing skin she tells me she had a CACI three days ago.  So far so good.

The CACI facial is a bit more technical than your average facial. Shona placed tiny electric probes around the problem ageing areas to encourage toning and tissue repair.  The process is not painful although I did taste a faint metallic taste at the back of my mouth (apparently from teeth fillings).  LED lights tackle deep lines and wrinkles and Ultrasonic skin peeling removes impurities from the skins surface.

The results were instant.  Fresher, brighter glowing skin which feels more toned and hydrated.  Friends and family have commented on how good my skin looks – even my husband has noticed.  It’s not as relaxing as other facials but it’s a results driven method that works, I love it.

Zen Lifestyle, 9 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4HN Tel: 0131 477 3535

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