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Welcome to our March Beauty Insider blog! Each month some of the very best Scottish experts in health, beauty and wellbeing interview our very own founder Fiona to bring you the lowdown on all things beauty. This month Scottish nutritionist, author and Detox Retreats host Amanda Hamilton chats to Fiona about beauty inside and out.

AH: Which treatment/s would you recommend to someone to support a detox or weight loss programme? 

We don’t offer any weight loss treatments but we do offer some related services. Exilis is a radio frequency and ultrasound combination device which removes stubborn areas of fat retention like bingo wings, thighs and tummies. It is also great for tightening loose skin on the body, which can often result from weight loss.

AH: I focus a lot on gut health, an inside-out philosophy. How do you incorporate advice for inner health if someone is coming for a skin treatment? 

One of our main brands is Dr Murad, an American dermatologist and pharmacist who strongly emphasises inner health, a balanced lifestyle and a varied diet. He advocates that only about 20% of your skin care should be topical, with the rest internal, including supplements where needed. We have also experienced incredible results for dozens of clients now with our Skinade product, a collagen boosting drink which is very rich in minerals and vitamins in a highly bio-available formulation.

AH: I’m lucky enough to run retreats in some lovely spa hotels and I often leave having bought the signature scent to remind me of a treatment. What’s the signature scent at Zen? 

We love the Neon range of candles, scents, sprays and diffusers. These products are all natural and organic, and the fragrances are highly concentrated. And mainly they smell divine!

AH: What would you recommend as a facial for someone who only comes once or twice a year? Can they do enough at home day to day and then have a deep treatment every now and then?

It is important to be realistic – you wouldn’t expect to go to the gym once a year and get fit. Having said that, if the homecare regime includes peel pads, high quality exfoliating products and a good SPF, good results can definitely be maintained at home. For an occasional boost I think that skin peel or a microdermabrasion facial can work wonders. For both products and facials it is important to get good advice on what would suit you best from an experienced skin therapist.

AH: Is there such a thing as a typical wellness client for you? 

We see a very diverse range of clients through the salons in the course of each week. The trend we have noticed over the last few years is that clients are looking for more results-driven facials. Clients are increasingly aware of the fast pace of technical developments in both product technology and clinical treatment devices, and it is important to be able to offer them the best options on the market. We also see a trend towards people indulging in a bit more ‘me time’. In other words putting time aside for a massage or some form of pampering as a means of deep relaxation, and this is not something they should feel guilty about these days.

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Amanda Hamilton is a renowned Scottish nutritionist, author, host of the acclaimed Detox Retreats across Europe and owner of The Detox Apartment in North Berwick.