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[mk_fancy_title color="#400080" font_family="none"]BY ASHLEY MCLAUCHLAN, SENIOR THERAPIST (HANOVER ST)[/mk_fancy_title]

Hot stone massage is a firm favourite here at Zen, particularly for clients with real aches and pains. The perfect antidote to urban stress, this massage helps your anxieties melt away while your muscles are infused with heat. Hot stone massage is proven to therapeutically treat and loosen tension, ease muscle pain and increase circulation.

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I often get asked about the benefits of a hot stone massage. As massage therapists we can achieve a deeper, more therapeutic massage as the heat from each stone penetrates deeper into the muscle, with each stroke being equivalent to around five strokes of a hand. Each stone is placed on key areas of the body to help with energy flow. As muscles relax they release toxins, so we always recommend drinking plenty of water after a hot stone massage to flush these out and leave your body detoxified.

The hot stones also encourage blood flow, helping reduce stress, promote relaxation and relieve chronic pain from diseases such as arthritis. The technique is also beneficial for the likes of soft tissue injuries as it aids the healing process by bringing more oxygenated blood to the affected areas.

With stress being a large component of many illnesses and something that affects many of us, it is important to take time out and relax. A hot stone massage not only gives you that time but is wonderfully healing for both body and mind. Our clients often tell us they’ve never had a treatment that’s made them feel so relaxed, so quickly!

We understand everyone’s needs vary so before the treatment begins we always discuss the areas you would like to concentrate on and the outcomes you are hoping for. Every one of our massages are tailored exactly to suit you and your needs, leaving you feeling stress free and relaxed for the rest of your day.

To book a Hot Stone Massage just call one of the salons. This is a specialised treatment not offered by all therapists so we do recommend booking in advance, to ensure you get a convenient appointment. We look forward to treating you!

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Ashley is one of the most long-standing therapists at our Hanover St salon and is known for her wonderful touch with all kinds of massage therapy. She loves Hot Stone massage and helps out with training other staff. She has a very loyal clientele, so booking ahead with Ashley is strongly recommended!