HD Brow Treatment

Introducing the HD Brow Treatment, a seven-step eyebrow treatment process for flawless brows to rival your favourite celebrities. Our HD Brows specialists will shape, colour and define your eyebrows for stunning results.

Introducing the HD Brow Treatment favoured by celebrities that is accessible to anyone.

Ever wondered how celebrities achieve those flawless eyebrows? The secret lies in HD Brows, a groundbreaking seven-step technique that enhances your unique beauty. Say goodbye to unruly brows and hello to perfectly shaped masterpieces with the confidence that comes with a flawless HD Brow treatment.

Longing for perfectly shaped eyebrows that rival those of your favorite celebrities? Look no further! Experience HD Brows in Edinburgh at Zen Lifestyle for the ultimate eyebrow transformation.

How does it work?

The HD Brow treatment involves seven distinct methods carried out by expert stylists. These techniques include threading, waxing, tweezing, tinting, and shaping to create the ideal shape, color, and definition for your eyebrows. It’s more than just grooming and tidying – it’s the mastery of enhancing eyebrows.

Enhance your natural beauty with our HD Brows in Edinburgh, available at Zen Lifestyle. Our skilled hd brows stylists use a seven-step high-definition process to transform your eyebrows into perfectly shaped works of art. Whether you’re new to eyebrow grooming or a seasoned pro, our HD Brow treatment is perfect for achieving flawless brows. Book your appointment now to experience the magic of HD Brows in Edinburgh.

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Q: What are High Definition Brows?

A: HD Brows involve a comprehensive seven-step process to achieve the perfect brow shape and design, including designing, waxing, tinting, threading, tweezing, trimming, and finishing.

Q: Do you have to get them tinted?

A: Yes, tinting is a crucial step in the HD Brows process to achieve the full effect.

Q: I’ve never had them done before what do I need to do?

A: To start, make sure to let your eyebrows grow out as much as you can. This will give your therapist more hair to work with, leading to a better outcome. Next, it is crucial to schedule a patch test at the salon at least 48 hours before your treatment. Without this test, the treatment cannot be done. After the patch test, you can then schedule your appointment for the HD Brow treatment.

Q: How much hair needs to grow in?

A: For optimal results, we recommend allowing at least 4 weeks of hair growth before your HD Brows appointment.

Q: I don’t have any eye brows can I have the treatment?

A: It is necessary for there to be hair in the designated area. If there are small spaces without hair, the tint will temporarily tint the skin slightly to give the appearance of fuller brows. This effect will only last 2-3 days, whereas the tint on the hairs will last 3-4 weeks. However, the tint on the skin will fade quickly. If there is minimal hair in the area and it does not grow, High Definition eyebrows may not be suitable for you.

Q: How long does it take to get the full effect?

A: Depending on your brow’s initial condition, it may take up to 6 treatments to achieve the full HD shape.

Q: How often do you need to get the HD brows done?

A: We recommend scheduling appointments every 3-6 weeks to maintain your HD brows’ stunning appearance.

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