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Zen and the art of skin maintenance

IT’S TRICKY NOT TO let your expectations run away with you when a shelf of silverware like the one above the reception desk in Zen Lifestyle’s Teviot salon. Named UK salon of the year in 2008, as well as bagging a clutch of other accolades, this is a business on the up.

I’m putting myself in my therapist, Julie’s, capable hands to experience the salon’s new MuradResurgence Renewal Facial. This is a treatment designed to restore the glow to dry or dull skin. It’s classed as an anti ageing treatment but happily, it’s also listed in the relaxation section of Zen’s brochure, so I’m hoping for a bit of pampering, albeit with visible results, by the time I walk back out on to the windswept street.
After asking me questions about my skin care regime, Julie begins by cleansing my face so she can take a closer look, using her expert eye to see what my skin needs. She’s fairly happy with what she sees under the lamp and magnifying glass: it’s a little dehydrated in places, a little congested in others. Nothing to worry about and just right for a rejuvenating facial.

Dr Murad products are designed to work from the surface of the skin downwards and, as Julie works through the steps of the facial – which includes a very light, natural peel to really lift the vibrancy of my skin – I can feel the products working. There’s a pleasant tingling sensation, and a delicious fruity scent. Once the mask is on my skin and my eyes are covered with moist pads Julie concentrates on massaging my neck and shoulders, down my arms to my hands. It’s bliss. Even the twang my shoulder makes as her fingers push and stretch knotted muscles, feels good.

Mask removed, Julie moisturises my skin, adding a little extra help to areas in need – under my eyes and on my lips. I’ve not seen myself yet, but the skin on my face feels different – taut and more supple. Gulping my glass of water, I catch sight of myself as I dress, and I’m not disappoiented. My skin looks much brighter than it did just over an hour ago, I look less pinched and drawn and even better than all of that, I feel much, much more relaxed. Perfect.

Murad Resurgence Renewal Facial, £95 fm” 60 minutes, or £475 for a course of six.

Zen Lifestyle, 2-3 Teviot Place, Edinburgh,
tel: 0131-226 6777.

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