One of the most popular treatments at this time of year has to be the good old fake tan…and quite rightly so who wants to be showing of the old peely wally Scottish blue skin colour! Fake tan can also help to hide a multitude of sins including the dreaded cellulite and any thread veins. It has to be said we do immediately feel slimmer with a bit of colour as well.

As we are all now well educated on the damage the sun and (dare I mention it, sun beds) can cause, we are keen to get good advice on fake tanning.


Be sure to do good exfoliations before you begin tanning as if you have a build up of old skin cells and dry skin it will not only look uneven and patchy but it will fade much quicker and unevenly as well…so the key to good tan application as every painter knows its all in the preparation. I generally do a couple in the week on the lead up to a tan for best results, especially for a big night out. Apply the tan to clean dry skin free of product. Only put moisturiser on the really dry areas such as elbows and knees to stop the tan “clinging” to these areas more. Be really careful of the hands and feet. it is much better they are too light than too dark. Everyone notices these areas, the tan can grab quickly to them as well and is impossible to remove. It is much easier to apply more if necessary. If you do end up getting some on your nail plate or under the nail, whitening tooth paste is actually pretty good at removing it. Also be really aware the hairline especially important if you are blond. A must is to wear disposable gloves when applying tan.



To make sure your tan lasts well, apply moisturiser every day. If you don’t like wearing moisturiser during the day or are in too much of a hurry in the morning just put some on in the evening paying particular attention to the front of your lower leg which can dry out quite quickly.

As your tan is beginning to fade do not be tempted to reapply more over an uneven fading tan. Just exfoliate well to try and help remove the old one, then start afresh – remember, you always need a good base to get the right finished look. Some of the tan prolongers however are really effective as they are quite subtle and have a lot of moisturiser in them as well.

Go exceptionally light on the face. I actually miss mine out altogether and just use make up, as it can often darken the pores and accentuate any pigmentation or uneveness on the face area… but this is personal choice.

There are a number of good products on the market. We have tried most of them and are happy to recommend the market leading brands Fake Bake and St Tropez.

Never be tempted to go for a sun bed. The terrible ageing effects for your skin are nothing compared to the dangers of skin cancer which have been comprehensively proven. If applying fake tan at home is too much of a faff for you, an in-salon application including exfoliation is another option. For very best results I always recommend a spray tan in Edinburgh – it’s quick, inexpensive and gives a lovely, natural result.