Fiona shares her tips on easing muscle ache

I have been trying to exercise a bit more recently and have signed up to do a half marathon. Getting the fresh air and being outdoors appeals to me much more than the gym…it also really helps for stress and allows me to enjoy lovely dinner without feeling guilty! However, my muscles do get pretty sore after wards.

I have been using the Elemis Musclease herbal bath sachets which have been great. I have a bath after a long running using the sachets of powder than rub in the Musclease concentrate when I get out the bath. It has been really amazing and has definitely helped my muscles recover much quicker than when I was running a few years ago. I find these products are also great for the aching back and tension in my neck after a long day in the salon. These products can purchased at our online shop or at either of our salons.