We are really delighted to now be offering Fraxel in our skin clinic, starting on the 9th of December. You can read all about it in more detail on our website. I’ve had this procedure myself for tightening and pigmentation but it can also be used really effectively for acne scarring or just for overall skin rejuvenation to refine pores and even out skin tone and texture.

Its definitely more of a medical treatment- your face is completely numbed to begin with and you are looking at anything between 2-5 treatments. Depending on the intensity of treatment required you might need a day or more off work…so it’s not for the faint hearted.

More of a medical treatment

However, other than a hot red face for a few days its actually not that much hassle, especially when you see the results. I have had 4 sessions and am going to get one more.

Its not for everyone but if you are serious anti ageing or have skin which is damaged by the sun or scarring and really want to get results than I would highly recommend this.