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Have you ever wanted the benefits of a salon peel which you can try at home? Dr Murad’s Intensive Resurfacing Peel could be perfect for you. Peels are not as scary as you may think, our peels have no down time so you won’t be left with red skin after the treatment. Peels are perfect for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; they also brighten and smooth the skin by increasing cell turnover. This action acts as an exfoliation and will aid in the penetration of any other products you may be using.

The Intensive Resurfacing Peel provides an instant result by combining the effects of durian extract, bamboo beads and glycolic Acid. Durian is a fruit renowned for its ability to hold water, therefore it helps to hydrate the skin. This, combined with glycolic acid (known for its exfoliating properties) will loosen any dead skin cells and debris on the skins surface, allowing the active ingredients to work on the new skin underneath.

The bamboo beads will give you a microdermabrasion effect, leaving your skin instantly smoother and brighter and the dried plum extracts which are full of antioxidants will help detox your skin. What more could you ask for in one product?

How to use

To use this peel at home, first cleanse and tone your skin, then smooth the peel on to face your and neck, leave the product on for up to ten minutes (for your first application try leaving it on for 3 minutes and build up the time on each subsequent application). Rinse it off with warm water and finally apply your moisturiser. Done!

The Intensive Resurfacing Peel is available in all of our salons so just pop by and one of our experienced therapists will answer any questions you may have.