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Zen Lifestyle Meets Dr.Murad in L.A and Reveal Exciting New Products Director Fiona Fowley tells us about her trip to L.A as Zen was one of only two salons in the world to be invited to Dr Murad’s new store.

Wow…..Myself and Kieran have just returned from an amazing trip to LA courtesy of Murad. What a fantastic and very busy few days we had. We spent a lot of time in the Murad offices learning a lot about the exciting new products that are coming our way soon (so keep an eye on our social media to hear the latest on the new products).

We got a chance to see where it all happens; all the research and testing that go into our incredible products. We got to spend a morning with the Dr. himself where he explained more about how Murad all came about. The offices were very L.A with work-out stations in between the open plan desks (just incase you missed your morning work-out)! The desks were all colour coded with the Murad skin care colours of bright pink, green, blue etc so never a dull moment.

As for the products…WOW! There is a new body cream which I think is the best I’ve ever used to date – it just melts into the skin after a shower and is incredibly light and fluffy – I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this product and my skin has never looked so smooth and shiny. There’s also the fab Collagen Lip Plumper that feels so yummy on the lips whilst plumping them up; your lips don’t look silly, it just really conditions them and eases out fine lines – I find it addictive and I don’t leave the house without it. One more…the Rapid Pigment Lightening Serum that evens out skin tones – just incredible. I have issues with pigmentation and it’s such a difficult thing to improve. I have tried endless products over the years, but listening to how this has been developed really makes sense to me so I can’t wait to start using it. Watch this space for more info on these products.