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Now that spring is here it’s time to start getting organised for summer and planning for your holidays. A summer essential is a good fake tan and we recommend our White to Brown spray tan. It contains an unseen purple pigment which takes out the ‘orangey’ look of most fake tans and achieves a very natural, healthy looking glow.

To achieve the perfect tan you need to follow a few simple steps:

 Firstly you need to exfoliate your body the day before your tan with a good exfoliator like Elizabeth Arden PRO Invigorating Face and Body. This exfoliator is great, not only is it a manual exfoliator with tiny beads but it contains AHA’s which eat away the dead skin cells to make sure your skin is looking and feeling fabulous.

 Before tanning you should apply an oil free moisturiser to the drier areas of your skin like you ankle, knees and elbows. Once you have the product applied you should wear loose dark clothing and avoid any contact with water to prevent any white marks.

 Once the tan has been left on for the recommended time then wash off in the shower using no soaps or shower gels until the water runs completely clear then pat dry. The secret to keeping your tan looking amazing is moisturising. Fake tan can be quite drying on the skin so using a good moisturiser daily prevents your skin and tan from looking dry and flaky. We recommend using the White to Brown extender, which is not only a moisturiser but helps to keep your colour for longer as well.

 After 4 to 5 days you should exfoliate the skin again to help the tan to remove evenly.