Zen Custom Massage

For many years men and women of all ages have been coming to Zen Lifestyle for the best massages in Edinburgh. The warm lighting and gentle music welcomes and calms you when you arrive and soothes you all the way through your treatments. You will leave the salon feeling refreshed, relaxed and revitalised. Our Zen Custom Massage is designed to increase blood flow and relieve your everyday aches and pains.

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All our massages are customised to your individual preferences. After your consultation your therapist will identify the best oil and massage techniques to achieve the state of body and mind you desire.

Zen therapists are trained in all aspects of massage to ensure you receive a treatment suited to your needs.

Pricing varies for Massage Specialists, Nicky and Fiona.

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40 Minutes £75-£90 Buy Voucher
60 Minutes £95-£110 Buy Voucher

Call us to book: 0131 477 3535

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