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Welcome to our February Beauty Insider blog! Each month some of the very best Scottish experts in health and beauty interview our very own founder Fiona to bring you the lowdown on all things beauty. This month beauty aficionado and lifestyle blogger Lauren Dall of The Luxe List chats to Fiona about slowing down the ageing process


LD: When it comes to anti-ageing, they say prevention is the best cure – what can we do on a daily basis to make sure our skin looks its best year round?

Keeping your skin well protected and hydrated is key. By that I mean always wearing a good quality SPF preferably 50 but at least 30. Also, exfoliate regularly and invest in a good moisturiser that suits your skin type.

LD: What should we be focusing on in our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s to stave off the ageing process?

Again using a good SPF is one of the main things you can do irrespective of age and it’s never too early or late to start. Sun is by far one of the most damaging and ageing accelerants for our skin. I also always recommend having a good skin care regime at home that’s geared towards your age and one that has a Retinol product in it. Retinol is one of the few ingredients proven to work for anti-ageing whilst vitamin C can also help combat against environmental damage. Always speak to your therapist who can discuss the needs of your skin.

Regular salon treatments such as customised advanced facials, peels or micro dermabrasion is also another great investment, irrespective of age as these will be tailor made to your skin’s requirements. These treatments help keep the cell turnover regular as this begins to slow done as we age.

Other things such as our stress levels, diet and water intake have a huge impact on how we age. I can always tell by looking at someone skin if they eat a lot of sugar, drink a lot of alcohol and don’t drink enough water. What we put into our body is just as important as what we put on it.

LD: I’m currently starting to see fine lines appear on my forehead – what’s the best way to combat these from deepening / more from forming?

Ultimately it’s Botox but this isn’t for everyone. Medical cosmetics are much more common now but the key to getting cosmetic treatments right is to only used the most skilled and trustworthy professionals. It’s all about a gradual effect that is not immediately noticeable – non-detectable treatments that leave clients looking fresher and feeling more confident rather than obvious quick-fixes. It’s also crucial to use premium products and the latest techniques.

This is why we have collaborated with London cosmetic clinic to the stars, bringing one of the multi-award winning doctors from Dr Rita Rakus to Scotland each month. Internationally acclaimed and famed for working with a host of high profile celebrities, one of the cosmetic doctors from the Knightsbridge team take over the Bruntsfield salon and house an exclusive clinic.

LD: Zen offers a whole range of treatments, from facials to peels and lasers – which treatments would you recommend for those looking to start to combat ageing?

The Clear + Brilliant fractional laser treatment or Rejuvapen (micro-needling) are both excellent to help combat ageing.

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Lauren Dall is Scottish lifestyle blogger of The Luxe List