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Welcome to our September Beauty Insider blog! Each month some of the very best Scottish experts in health and beauty interview our very own founder Fiona to bring you the lowdown on all things beauty. This month Telegraph men’s contributor and Gentlemen Select blogger Peter Gemmell chats to Fiona about male grooming.

PG: Do you feel social media has played a big part in men upping their grooming regime?

Absolutely. Social media is one of a number of factors which has certainly made many men much more image conscious over the last few years. It’s also helped make it more accessible and commonplace. It’s safe to say that male grooming has migrated from the barber’s chair to the beauty salon and Scottish men continue to invest in looking good.

PG: In your opinion have men become more adventurous in terms of the treatments they are trying out?

We are getting much more interest from men in facials, skin treatments, and serious skincare. Many guys are no longer happy just pinching their partner’s products in the bathroom, and want to get recommendations for their own skin and treatments to make the nest of themselves. Advanced facials and corrective peels, specialist deep tissue massages and hair removal appointments are increasing – we also see a lot more men these days at the brow bar, as the trend for grooming grows.

PG: What are the three most popular treatments you find men are asking for when visiting Zen Lifestyle?

Massage, Brow Shaping & Tinting, Waxing.

PG: Massage is obviously hugely popular with men involved in sport or who are simply looking to just relax. Does Zen Lifestyle offer a variety of different types?

Yes we do. We book everything in as a Zen Custom Massage so everything is truly tailor made to the client’s requirements on the day. Many spas have a bewildering list of massage options and it can be hard for clients to choose. With all our massages customised, we can deploy the right range of techniques to get the client the result he is looking for.

PG: Can you tell us about a few of the products in the Zen Lifestyle Spa’s men are choosing following their treatments?

We work with cosmeceutical skin care ranges such as Murad and Elizabeth Arden PRO which means they work at a deeper level to generate big improvement quickly, without irritating the skin. After a treatment our therapists will recommend which products would be most effective for the client based on their personal needs. Recently we find that men are very interested in buying, moisturisers with built in SPF, cleansers with exfoliating properties, and specialized treatment serums to help minimize the effects of ageing.

PG: With your brilliant knowledge of the beauty industry, what is your top tip for preventing dark circles?

This is a notoriously difficult area to treat and tends to be the result of genetic conditioning. If the effect is quite sunken improvement can be achieved with dermal fillers. For milder cases a light reflecting eye cream can help.

PG: For us gents who have left birthday presents a little late, are there spa packages you can buy as a gift and also what would you recommend?

We do sell a very large number of gift vouchers for spa treatments and packages, as these are flexible and convenient. For a package you can’t go wrong with our Ultimate Zen package, three hours of complete bliss. For those who have left it a bit late, which to be honest is most men, we offer online purchase of eVouchers with instant delivery.

For appointment, consultations or more information call Zen Hanover Street on 0131 225 7009 or Bruntsfield Place 0131 477 3535

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