Thread Vein Removal

Remove unsightly thread veins safely and effectively with this Intense Pulsed Light treatment. Skin quickly appears younger and more radiant.

Thread veins can be safely removed with Zen Lifestyle’s professional thread vein removal treatment. Visit to achieve clearer skin and boost your confidence!

Treatment TypeFacial Treatment

Thread Vein Removal

The purpose of the treatment is to achieve improvements in the appearance of the skin by using Intense Pulsed Light to reduce and remove thread veins. The IPL light targets the haemoglobin found within the blood, the haemoglobins transform absorbed light into heat and it is conducted into the vessel wall.  The lining of the vessel is destroyed and leads to the collapse of the vessel and its gradual removal from the body.

This treatment is very effective and most patients see immediate results. A course of treatments up to 3 treatments may be required per area.  A patch test (£32) and consultation is required at least 48 hours before treatment.

TreatmentGuide Prices (per session)Price (Course)
Patch test & consultation£30
Cheekbone, from£115Course of 3: £295
Cheeks, from£195Course of 3: £535
Nose, from£85Course of 3: £205

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