Bespoke Face and Wellbeing Ritual

Relax and unwind with this personalised and holistic experience, combining mindfulness, massage and reflexology to smooth and nourish your skin.

Experience ultimate relaxation with Bespoke Face and Wellbeing Ritual in Edinburgh only at Zen Lifestyle. Visit now for a deeply relaxing experience!

Treatment TypeFacials

This holistic deeply relaxing experience begins with mindfulness, allowing you to be ‘in the present moment’ to focus your mind to the room, to the treatment and to yourself. Fiona will skilfully personalise and guide you through this 60 or 90 minute journey which will be unique to your needs in that present moment. Using hot stones, facial pressure point massage techniques with aromatherapy oils of lavender and mandarin combined with reflexology to hands and feet help relax the mind and release stress and emotional anxieties.

Finishing with a soothing scalp massage, you’ll emerge relaxed, nurtured and with beautifully smooth and nourished skin.

Bespoke Face and Wellbeing Ritual 60mins£125
Bespoke Face and Wellbeing Ritual 90mins£160

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