We know that most people love to look bronzed, healthy and beautiful all year round, however is it really worth exposing yourself to the harmful effects of the sun or to the potential risks of sunbeds when there are safe and effective alternatives?

This concern has become even more apparent in recent weeks, after figures published by Information Services Division (ISD) Scotland showed rates of deadly skin cancer rose by more than a third in a decade.

In 2012, 1,177 cases of malignant melanoma were reported in Scotland, and the growth has been linked to an increase in people failing to take care in the sun and rising use of sunbeds.

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Why choose Whitetobrown?

Over the years, we have tried many no-sun solutions to achieving a natural looking tan, and we firmly believe that whitetobrown spray tan is the best for our clients.

Many fake tan products are too dark or too orange, however as whitetobrown contains a purple pigment (which is not seen) it takes away from any orangy-ness and develops to a golden natural colour, leaving you with a beautiful realistic glow.

whitetobrown is the preferred tanning treatment of many celebrities as it yields a perfect, consistent all over golden finish in just 20 minutes.

So, if you want a natural looking tan without exposing yourself to the harmful effects of the sun or to the potential risks of sunbeds, we have a very special offer for you.

Throughout May, you can buy three whitetobrown spray tan treatments but pay for only two, resulting in a saving of £35!

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The sessions can be used at any time (within two years) so it’s really worthwhile if you feel you might be getting a few treatments over the coming months.

This offer is part of our Spring Savings on Beauty Essentials promotion, where you can also save money on HD BrowsLVL Lashes, and Blink & Go Lashes.

If you’d prefer to just have a single treatment instead, we are also offering a single treatment discount of £10 per treatment, available till the end of May.

To book your whitetobrown spray tan treatment, contact us at any of our salons – spaces may be limited so we advise booking early. Please note, whitetobrown spray tan treatments are available at Teviot Place and Hanover Street only. For clients of our Brunstfield salon, we recommend our Fake Bake cream tan.