Cellulite, that’s what!

Yes, that’s right, 85% of women are affected by cellulite.

Contrary to belief, cellulite is not a weight challenge, it is a skin challenge, and it can effect young or old, thin or overweight people.

Cellulite happens when receptors in the skin become damaged and tighten, pulling the skin down which creates those dips on the surface commonly known as the “orange peel effect”.

Yes, it’s correct that regular exercise and a healthy diet can help to reduce cellulite’s appearance, due to keeping skin structure healthy, but unfortunately diet and exercise alone is not enough to break down the fatty deposits trapped in the skin. What is needed is a type of Lipo massage called Endermology.


Endermology is the first FDA approved treatment for cellulite

Endermology uses a Lipo massage technique to help break down fatty deposits and pockets in the skin; breaking down the deposits makes the ‘orange peel’ effect smooth and soft. Endermology also lengthens and strengthen the receptors smoothing the skin and the suction action created in the treatments will stimulate lymphatic drainage removing toxins and excess water in which will also enhance skins appearance.
Endermology is not a weight loss treatment however most people do find that they get inch loss.

We treat cellulite with Endermology at our Hanover Street and Teviot Place branches.