Q & A about laser hair removal

Q1: Is the treatment painful?

A: The treatment sensation does vary from client to client and also depending on the area being treated. We wouldn’t say the treatment is painful but you do feel a warmth in the area and a short ‘snapping’ sensation on the skin. It is a very quick procedure and causes very minimal discomfort.

Q2: Do hairs re-appear after the first treatment?

A: The heat from the ellipse applicator head kills the hairs but the hairs remain in the follicle until they start to shed, which is usually 1-3 weeks after the treatment. It will seem that the hairs are growing as the epidermis is pushing them out but this is the skins natural shedding process. Exfoliating 7 days after treatment will help to encourage the hairs out of the follicle quicker.

Q3: What are the side effects?

A: The most common effect is slight erythema (redness) and possible swelling to that area because of heat retention. This would normally subside over the next 24hours after treatment. Other side effects such as pigmentation changes, are extremely rare and if correct operator and client guidelines are followed the risk of any adverse effect is almost minimal.

Q4: Is the treatment safe?

A: Yes, the treatment is completely safe. It contains a patented ‘dual mode filtering’ system, which removes all unnecessary and potentially harmful wavelengths. All the settings entered into the system are specific for different hair and skin types.