So, I have now been using the Murad Pore and Line Hydrator for well over a month and the biggest difference I have noticed is the reduction in oiliness, especially on my T-zone.

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I have also continued to use the Hydrodynamic eye cream in order to keep the delicate skin around my eyes well protected and what a difference! Especially during these cold months!

Other noticeable changes include my chin; my pores used to be really obvious and I used to suffer from significant breakouts in this area. However since using the Pore and Line Hydrator I can’t believe the reduction in the appearance of the pores and how few breakouts I’ve had. Anyone who suffers from either condition will understand how amazing this feels!

Find the right product for you

What I’ve learnt is that finding the right products is key. We all have differing skin types and what might work for your friend won’t necessarily work for you. We’re so used to taking recommendations from hairdressers to restaurants however you’re skin’s unique to you and should be treated with care. The best way to find your ideal skin routine is to take just 10-20 minutes to speak to one of our therapists. After using this moisturiser I now realise the problem wasn’t my skin but rather the products I was using to try and battle it!

I am so happy with this product I can’t praise it enough and I’ve learnt a valuable lesson along the way!

Please pop into one of our salons to speak to one of our therapists or to arrange a full consultation with VISIA, our digital skin analysis tool. It’s £35 for a VISIA consultation however this is fully redeemable when purchasing products or treatments.

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Laura, Bruntsfield Salon