Neom Kits the perfect gift for Christmas

If like me, you know you’re hard to buy for, this year take matters into your own hands… start ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ your most coveted items on social media. It’s much more subtle than emailing a link to your Amazon wish list (or hoping someone will actually search for it) and should ensure you’re genuinely happy come Christmas day!

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So with this in mind, I’ve been recently showing a lot of love for Neom’s Energising Essentials – it’s not something I would normally do but if it means I wake up to find it in my stocking rather than a bottle of sickly perfume and a Chocolate Orange then it’s worth it!

The gift box includes a Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil candle, a room spray and a diffuser and it’s amazing value at just £40!

All Neom products contain pure essential oils which have been carefully blended to evoke different emotions. The combination of lemon and basil in this kit is the perfect tonic to beat the January blues; the basil oil helps with mental fatigue and concentration whilst the lemon helps stimulate a tired and busy mind. The room spray will definitely be coming with me to work!

The Energising Essentials kit (along with other fantastic Neom sets) is available at all three of our salons.

So, if you’d like to join me on my quest for a truly happy Christmas and would like to receive Neom’s Energising Essentials you know what to do… show some love!


Yvonne, Teviot