Oh, to claw back a little extra time in the morning. To press the snooze button for longer in bed, to relish that coffee or perhaps just to indulge in some guilt-free social media – we hear you! Which is why we’ve collated our top five time-saving beauty hacks for effortless Working Week grooming…with maximum results. You’re welcome!

Invest in a good multi-use cleanser

First up, ditch the face wipes. Not only are they bad for the environment, they’re not good for the skin and can cause sensitivity and breakouts. Instead use a face cloth and a good cleanser with luke warm water for that professional clean. But which cleanser? Many skin concerns such as dehydration, sensitivity and dryness come from a harsh cleanser as this strips the protective barrier function of the skin, so it pays to invest in a cleanser that’s gentle on the lipid barrier or the skin. Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil (£27) can be used straight onto the skin in the evening to melt away even oil-based, heavier make up. It can also be used in the shower in the morning and when mixed with water turns into a light milk cleanse that doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils.

Expert lash and brow treatments

HD Brows. Spend less time filling in your brows with an expert brow treatment; it’s so much easier to pencil or shape your brows with make up once they have been tidied to perfection. Even if you decide to go fresh faced, HD brows will still frame your face. An appointment takes just 30 minutes and will last you up to six weeks.

LVL and lash tint. Hands up who feels bare without mascara. We all do – and whilst mascara is a beauty godsend as it provides volume, colour and length, it does take time to apply. And, let’s face it, mascara can often end up down our face at the end of a long day. Save time and looked groomed 24/7 with LVL (a game-changing length, volume and lift lash treatment) followed by a blue or black tint on the lashes. A LVL and lash tint will last you up to 8 weeks.

Hardworking Skincare

Not got time to do a multi-step skincare routine? Then you’ll love Priori Tetra fx251 SPF 45 with colour guide (£75). This one product that will see you through the day and benefits include: broad spectrum SPF 45 with UVA, UVB and blue light protection; antioxidants to fight off free radical damage; DNA repair enzymes that actively work to repair damage that’s previously been done to the skin. Lastly, it also contains a universal tint so think of it like a CC cream but just on a whole other level.

Clever Makeup

Here at Zen we’re loving Priori Mineral Skincare SPF 25 (£36), a mineral skincare powder that gives full foundation coverage with added skincare benefits! Not only does it contain 30 anti-oxidants such as acai, turmeric, green tea and cocoa but it’s also talc free so you won’t be left with a powder-like dry texture. It leaves a dewy glow to skin, with broad spectrum protect against UVA and UVB rays.

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