The benefits of Sunlight

Why does everyone tell us to stay out of the sun when it makes us feel so good? Well, the sun is damaging to our skin if we don’t protect it right, but a sensible amount of the sun is really good for you too.

Sun gives the feel good factor, makes us smile and boosts our mood.  Yes, we do still have to be careful to protect our skin, however a little sunshine on the body can be extremely beneficial as it encourages an increase in the production of vitamin D in our bodies.  Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium, keeping our bones healthy and protecting us against serious chronic diseases later in life such as osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and many more.

In addition to all of these health benefits the sun simply cheers us all up.  It boosts the levels of serotonin which is the body’s natural happy hormone.  The sun beats SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is a depression caused by the lack of sunlight.

So make the most of this gorgeous weather while it lasts!  Remember to enjoy it sensibly – wearing an SPF 365 days a year will prolong youth and beauty