We wait all year for the summer season (sometimes 2) and when it  finally comes it’s never the summer we want it to be, it always the typical “British” summer (think wellies, raincoats, layers of clothes, umbrellas and flip flops…and that all just for one day out!)

3 tips for beautiful skin in summer

To save you a little time and despair we’ve put together our top 3 tips so you feel go good go when the sun comes out!

Skin brushing – this is top of the list for a summer body. By boosting the circulation to the skin, draining lymphatic fluid and helping the body rid itself of toxins; body brushing will help make the skin appear smoother and less dimply. Great for thigh’s and buttocks!

Body scrubbing – this will remove the build-up of dead cells increases the skin’s ability to absorb all of the goodness in the moisturiser and cellulite creams we should be using. Improved skin tone and appearance will make it glow in all those summer dresses.

De –fuzzing – we all know shaving can be harsh on the skin and it can seem like we are always doing it! These days’ waxing is the summer essential. Taking half the time we think it takes, keeps you hair-free for up to 4 weeks and has becoming less painful with the introduction of “hot wax” waxing shouldn’t be the treatment we dread, it is the “oh god it’s sunny but I’ve not shaved my legs” summer life saver we are looking for!

Follow these tips throughout the summer months, and we guarantee, when the sun pops his head out, you’ll be ready!