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Welcome to our June Beauty Insider blog! Each month some of the very best Scottish experts in health and beauty interview our very own founder Fiona to bring you the lowdown on all things beauty. This month magazine editor Nicky Howden of Scotland’s top glossy I-ON chats to Fiona about the lure of the ‘power brow’.

NH: In beauty terms, what is the power brow and why does it remain so popular?

You cannot underestimate the power of a good brow. They are a feature of expression and shaped well they can change the overall appearance of our face, creating symmetry and providing a lifting illusion. The Power Brow is a well-groomed, precision shaped and strongly defined brow that frames the eyes.

NH: From celebrities to the catwalks, statement brows are everywhere. But what makes a good brow in fashion terms? Should they be full, arched or angular?

Creating a good brow is a bit of an art form (which is why we have dedicated brow artists!) and we always recommend working with your features and nodding to the fashions whilst always staying classic. Editorial and catwalk looks are extreme and rarely translate well into everyday life – but you can experiment and have fun with brow products that wash off.

A good brow should start at the inner part of the eye, have an arch that sits between the outer edge of the pupil and the end of the brow. You don’t want the brow to be too straight or arched, as this can look unnatural. However, the most important aspect of the perfect brow is that it is suitable to the shape of the face and eyes so you do need to alter it slightly for each individual. It should be full but not bushy and always well-groomed. Any gaps should be filled in with brow makeup in pencil, powder or gel to enhance or fill in gaps for definition. Opt for a pencil for clean lines and powders or gels for soft and natural fills.

NH: Can brows ever be too full/dark or defined? What effect does this have and why?

Too full and dark brows are equally as bad as over plucked. For some reason some ladies (especially younger ones) feel the thicker and heavier they are the better – it’s that very pointed over-applied brow makeup that is very angular and takes over their face. It’s such a shame as they ruin their look by doing this.

NH: Eyebrows are sisters not twins, would you agree? Is there any way to make them identical, perhaps with botox?

Exactly, they are sisters not twins but hopefully closer than cousins! No two brows are ever the same. Of course you want them to “look” the same but don’t get too consumed with measuring them to the exact millimetre or they won’t look natural. Botox can help to raise an eyebrow to even them out but this is best to use only if there is a lot of adjustment required. And only with a qualified cosmetic doctor who is experienced in this as it can go wrong and cause drooping. We have a number of clients visiting our monthly Dr Rita Rakus medical cosmetics clinic for botox to give both brows more of an arch, which creates a more awake, youthful look.

NH: HD Brows, waxing, threading or microblading – what’s your preference and why? How would you advise someone in which option to choose?

HD Brows are the most popular treatment – a high-precision procedure that transforms even the most over plucked brow into its perfect shape. Brow stylists use a unique combination of threading, waxing, tweezing, tinting and shaping to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape, colour and definition

Threading is also a firm favourite with a lot of clients who don’t need tinting and who want to avoid facial waxing.   In some cases where there has been extreme over-plucking the only solution is semi-permanent makeup. I think the jury is still out on microblading, but in my experience semi-permanent make-up, or cosmetic tattooing, can be very effective.

NH: How should eyebrows be maintained and how often?

Generally, most of our clients come in between 3-6 weeks; the average is probably 4 weeks. Some clients try and do a little tweezing at home in between others don’t go near them for fear of ruining the shape!

NH: Thanks Fiona. Any final pieces of advice?

Brows are really such a personal thing and really very important for the way you look and therefore the way you feel about yourself. It is important to find a therapist or salon where you will get a decent consultation and get the style and shape you really want and which suits your eyes, face and colouring. A skilled and well trained therapist can really transform the way you look, so be fussy!

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Nicky Howden started her career working for Tatler and Heat Magazine before joining i-on more than 12 years ago where she is editor today. Learn more about her beauty must-haves at www.ionmagazine.co.uk and Insta @NickyHowden


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