Strangely hair and nails are both made from the same products within the body. This is why those lucky people who have super glossy, healthy hair tend to have fab nails too. It’s not fair we know.

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The condition of the nails and hair also tells a lot about the general health of a person. Therefore when we are run down our hair tends to appear dull and nails become brittle.  Thankfully there are many simple solutions to do at home to help boost the condition of the hair and nails.

At this time of the year our hair and nails do in fact grow quicker so this is the ideal time to kick start a new routine. Here are 3 of our favourite top tips to help maintain and condition our hair and nails.

1. Drink plenty of water. We all know how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated. Upping our water intake does wonders for our skin hair and nails and contributes massively towards a healthy body. As most of you will know by now, our favourite is cucumber and mint filtered tap water.  The cucumber and mint act as a structure to the water allowing our bodies to absorb, and plump the cells. Not only will the nails and hair improve the skin will also appear healthy and youthful.

2. Feed the body. Supplements help ensure our bodies receive essential minerals and vitamins. When we are busy and short on time we end up depriving ourselves from what we require and it’s our hair, nails and skin that suffer first. Taking supplements will ensure that our bodies receive what we require for optimum health. And zinc, in particular, is ideal for hair and nail health.

3. External hydration. Moisturising hair and nails delivers fast results. One of the most popular products that we have at Zen Lifestyle is the Exotic Frangipani oil from Elemis (£31.50). This luxurious oil is truly amazing for the hair and nails. Melt oil in some warm water and apply on the full body and through the scalp also. Allow the oil to be absorbed overnight and rinse in the morning. The oil will lock in moisture and leave the hair, nails and skin feeling super soft and hydrated. It’s like an intense moisture boost for the full body. Plus it smells amazing. Combine with the Exotic lime and ginger scrub at home for optimum results. Lush!