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It is the acclaimed non-invasive facial rejuvenating treatment of choice for many a celebrity, including Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and Khloe Kardashian. And now, after a £38,000 investment in state-of-the-art technology, the IPL Skin Rejuvenation Facial is now available at Zen!

Also known as the Photo Facial, IPL Skin Rejuvenation offers maximum results in minimum time. This therapy is ideal for certain conditions which are very difficult to treat with traditional facials and other advanced therapies. IPL is particularly effective in the treatment of pigmented and sun damaged skin, enlarged pores, redness and rosacea. As well as creating a smoother, more even skin tone, IPL is a very effective anti-ageing remedy, as the photo treatment is very successful at boosting collagen production.

If your specific concern is with facial thread veins, these can also be treated very successful with IPL.

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The IPL Skin Rejuvenation Facial is one of my most recommended treatments all year round. Why? It’s one of the very few treatments which can successfully remove pigmentation by using specific wavebands of light to target and break down melanin in the skin. For redness and rosacea type symptoms, the light is absorbed by blood cells and the body’s natural processes remove the damaged tissue. And with our brand new Ellipse IPL machines we are getting great results very quickly. What’s more, IPL skin treatments are perfect for those with active lifestyles, as there is no downtime and a low risk of side effects.

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Whether you have specific skin concerns such as red thread veins or vascular lesions or whether you’re looking for that elusive wrinkle-free glow, this new technology allows us to create truly bespoke treatments for each client’s individual skin concerns. The settings on Zen Lifestyle’s new high-tech Ellipse machine can be adjusted to get the best results depending on skin concerns.

With prices starting at just £100 per facial session, Zen’s IPL Skin Rejuvenation Facial is also less costly than other cosmetic facials and procedures on the market. Although a single session will produce a lovely boost to your skin, we normally recommend a course of 3 to 6 sessions for durable results. The number of sessions recommended would depend on the treatment objectives and the current skin condition. To get started just give us a call to book in for a consultation to see if this treatment might be right for you. IPL Facials are available at our Bruntsfield salon.

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Call us to book – Bruntsfield: 1314773535

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Fiona Fowley is the beauty expert and entrepreneur behind the Zen Lifestyle salons. Originally a beauty therapist, Fiona realised there was a gap in the market to create a unique kind of customer experience in the UK beauty and spa industry. She created Zen Lifestyle to provide discerning clients with an exceptionally high standard of therapies in luxurious, beautifully designed surroundings. she has led the business to 18 national beauty awards, as well as being voted UK Salon of the Year 5 times.