Skin is a funny thing. One day it can be near on perfect then the next you can have flaws left right and centre. Well fear not. At Zen Lifestyle our therapists are fully trained in all of the products that we offer so whether you’re in for a facial or a leg wax please feel free to chat to our therapists for skin care tips and recommendations. We’re here to help you achieve the results you want and it’s amazing the difference one product or a regular facial can make!

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There are many things that can affect the skin… from hormones and lifestyle to the environment and the weather. The list really is endless but there are many tricks to help combat skin concerns.

For example, we have many clients coming to us asking how they can plump their skin out and the most beneficial tip we usually say to clients is to up their water intake. Not just any water though. Structured water. Structured water is water with a component – fruit is the most common. This is providing the water with a component which allows your cells to grasp onto it far more than plain old water.

Hormonal pimples are another culprit, but again, we have a solution. We are a big believer in the Dr Murad Resurgence facial range and facial. They contain plant oestrogen which helps to balance the skin and combat monthly pimples. The products are very smooth and hydrating which compliments the facial. In fact, the resurgence facial is our “red carpet” facial. It contains a peel to help boost collagen, exfoliates and decongests the skin and includes a firming mask which plumps and lifts the skin. Ideal all year round or as a boost before a special occasion!

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