As we age our cell processes start to slow down meaning it takes longer for new cells to reach the skins surface.

Omnilux Light Therapy works with the bodies own natural processes to counteract the signs of ageing – with results that can be seen instantly.

Although Omnilux is a light therapy treatment, no harmful UVA or UVB are emitted, in fact Omnilux has been used in hospital dermatology and oncology departments for its healing and rejuvenating effects on skin for the past fifteen years!!

Omnilux is painless, harmless and very relaxing, many clients fall asleep under the light and generally feel quite happy and relaxed after as the red light emitted has been proven to aid with depression and SAD syndrome.

There is no down time with the Omnilux treatment, it can be carried out on its own but gives fantastic results when combined with other facial treatments such as Diamondtome and Priori Peels.

Who is Omnilux suitable for?

Omnilux is suitable for any skin but those who suffer with the following conditions will particularly benefit from it:

Premature ageing





Dull skins

Tired skins


So dont delay, add an Onmilux on to any facial for just £35 and look and feel rejuvenated!

Siobhan, Therapist, Zen Teviot