The Genuine Dermaroller treatment seems to be becoming increasingly more popular since we launched the treatment in June last year. However at Zen we feel some clients are still a little unsure on what the treatment is and what exactly it does, so here are some of our FAQ’s to hopefully answer all the questions you’d like to ask and hopefully get you as excited about the treatment as we all are!

So what is Dermaroller?

Well funnily enough it is in fact a little roller! This small handheld roller is covered in tiny micro-needles and the treatment involves it being rolled back and forth over the skin creating little pin pricks as it goes.

Sounds painful? No not at all, local anesthetic is applied around 20-30 minute before treatment to numb the entire area, meaning not much sensation is felt at all. Your therapist will ensure that you are comfortable at all times, and will ensure that you are suitably numb before commencing with the treatment. If any sensation is felt throughout it feels just like a very slight prickling sensation, really nothing to worry about and certainly not painful.

Why would I do this to my skin? Well, the micro-needling of the Dermaroller kick-starts the skin in to regenerative mode, this regeration process naturally stimulates new cell renewal, brings fresh nutrient rich blood to the area and most impotatnetly stimulates collagen and elastin….And we all know more collagen and elastin means fresher, plumper and more refined skin!

And the results? As above said above the Dermaroller will stimulate collagen and elastin, meaning a more refined skin tone and texture. Results can take up to 6 weeks to show, however the results will continue to show for the up and coming months as the skin continues to re-new itself. Before and after photographs can be found by clicking on the link to the Dermaroller website.

What will I look like after? Immediately after, there’s no denying it, you will look pretty red. However, included in the price is your home-care kit which contains a healing cream to be used for the first few days and a high factor SPF to be used throughout the course of your treatments. The following day you will be fine to go to work and wear mineral make up. Your skin may feel slightly warm and look a little flushed (which actually can be quite nice!) and you may experience slight dryness for a few days after, but honestly it really wouldn’t be anything anyone else would notice.

Who is suitable for Dermaroller? Dermaroller is suitable for most skin types as a general skin health facial, however anyone concerned with skin ageing and particulary people with acne-scarring and pitting on the skin really should get a course of these facials, the results truly are fantastic! A course of Dermaroller facials is recommended for optimum results and the number of treatments needed will depend on your skin condition and your concerns.

The science? Well there really is none, Dermaroller is a very advanced skin treatment, however the science behind it is very simple. The micro-needle coloums will penetrate in to the dermis (the area where collagen and elastin are formed) and will approximately be 0.1mm in width, the column will close rapidly enabling your skin to recover quickly, giving over the coming weeks a great result. Dermaroller is safe and is only carried out by a small number of our highly skilled skin specialists, and as with all treatments in Zen, will be carried out in one of our sterile treatment rooms.

Most importantly whats the cost? Face £325 per treatment, course of 3 £900. Additional small areas, such as neck £50

As always, many of our staff have had the treatment and are more than happy to chat to you about it, so if you do require further information or  just want to hear someone else’s experience, please do not hesitate to contact us at either Zen Teviot on 0131 226 6777 or Zen Bruntsfield on  0131 477 3535.