Zen Founder, FIONA FOWLEY, shares her thoughts on the best treatments to indulge in through winter.

As the colder months take hold and you start to wrap up in extra layers, it’s a great time to invest in treatments that produce a long-lasting or permanent result, as well as those that are immediately visible.  These are my top five recommendations …

Permanent Hair Removal

Opting for a laser hair treatment over waxing is a no-brainer in my eyes! After the initial costs you’re hair free for life in your chosen areas.  We use the Ellipse IPL system, which boasts the latest technologies and is virtually pain free with immediate results.  Winter is also the perfect time to undergo hair removal as treated areas need a month before and after out of direct sunlight.



My favourite option for winter has to be the Eye Enhancement.  I’ve had it done, along with several other Zen therapists who I treated myself, and we all love the results. They’re more natural that you might think and simply work to enhance in the same way as an eyelash/brow tint.  Perfect for the wet and cold wintery months when eyes are prone to running – along with make-up!  Feel free to stare in to my eyes when you see me – and don’t be shy to ask questions!


Banish Cellulite

What better time than winter to reduce the appearance of cellulite in time for and early summer reveal? Offering Endermologie Lipomassage at Teviot Place and Hanover Street salons, it’s a non-evasive technique that uses specialised rollers for deep treatment of connective tissue.  With a course of 12 to 24 treatments recommended, you’ve got plenty of time to prepare your bikini body before next spring.  The treatment is so quick (40 mins) and simple you can even partake during your lunch break!


Skin Radiance

Having probably already damaged your dermis indulging in too much sunshine during the summer, you’re likely to suffer blotchy, flaky skin during the winter months – unless you start on a regime of facials to stop this occurring.  As one of the UK’s leading skin clinics we ensure our treatments actually get results that last.  From our Murad facials that can offer instant results, to our Priori peel, which require two weeks preparation, we can tailor a course to suit your own skin and complexion.  Look as healthy in winter as when you return from a relaxing holiday!


Party Season Perfection

I have three amazing solutions to keep you looking glamorous throughout the party season, each of which lasts two to three weeks.  Frame your eyes and face with a heavily celebrity endorsed HD Brows Service, extend your lashes with Blink & Go extensions, and indulge in a revolutionary Shellac manicure, which promises 14 days of chip and smudge free high-glass colour.



For a wide range of treats and treatments, visit Fiona’s luxurious Zen Lifestyle salons at 9 Bruntsfield Place (0131 477 3535) or 2-3 Teviot Place (0131 226 6777). For more info visit

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