Zen Lifestyle client reviews our permanent make-up treatment

I recently became very interested in having permanent make-up and like others I had questions and worries about undergoing the treatment. When I found out that Zen Lifestyle were carrying out the treatments I immediately began to research. I was very impressed on how much knowledge and information the staff had on the treatment and how open they are about having treatments done. Not only was I overwhelmed by the enthusiasm they had when I arrived for my consultation I was happy to see the skin piercing and tattooing license displayed on the wall which instantly calmed my nerves.

Once I had filled out a detailed consultation form I was taken into a comfortable room to speak to the practitioner about the treatment. The full treatment was discussed and where I received my patch test, the practitioner explained the sensations which I would feel, what treatment she recommended me and chatted in depth about colours. She also explained reactions which could occur and how I would feel after the treatment.

I left the salon with full knowledge about the treatment and no worries. After I had left my patch test for 24hours I called to book my very first permanent lash enhancement!

On the day of my treatment I arrived at the salon to get my eyes numbed prior to my treatment, once this was on the practitioner ran over the details from the consultation to make sure I understood every step of the procedure. After ten minutes my eyes were numb and the treatment began. The first step was the “tag” which is when the skin is broken to insert a full antithetic. Once administered I could not feel any discomfort throughout the whole treatment. At each stage the therapist kept me reassured and asked about my comfort and  90 minutes later the top and bottom lash enhancement was complete and I received my after and home care advice.

I was very lucky I received no swelling or peeling on the area that was treated and I was back to work the following morning. Even though I lost some pigmentation on my lower lashes a few weeks post my treatment I now have a much defined lash appearance and I am looking forwards to having my touch up treatment.

Statement from a Zen client.