Zen Lifestyle is a stockist for the Neom Candles which are an excellent gift for birthdays and Christmas. These candles are luxury organic candles which mean they do not give out any toxins and actually smell when they are burning. They are made from vegetable wax and essential oils so you can get an aromatherapy treatment at home while you relax.

We stock 4 different candles and have a limited edition Christmas candle which is perfect for burning on Christmas morning or even when you’re putting up your Christmas tree. This candle has the perfect Christmas blend of warm, spicy notes of Cinnamon, Ginger, Mandarin & Tonka Bean – a perfect mix to create that festive mood at home.

How long should I burn my oil candle?

It is recommended to only burn for  maximum 4 hours at a time as the oils can become quite strong. The candles burn for 55 hours in total and also come with a silver sniffler to use when putting the candle out.

We do also have other candles which have a mixture of lavenders and sweet basil and lots of other choices to suit everyone’s tastes.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!