IPL Review

Ellipse IPL (laser hair removal) l had at Zen has made a huge difference to my hair as well as to my day to day lifestyle. I no longer have to wax or shave before I go swimming, nor do I have to wait for my hairs to grow back in. The Ellipse IPL treatment was not as painful as waxing.

I was told that the light was attracted to the pigment causing a heat reaction to take place which kills the hair follicle at the root. This worked particularly well for me as I have thick dark hair and pale skin, proving to be the perfect candidate for laser hair removal.

I bought a course which saved me money. The aftercare for laser hair removal is the same as waxing although I had to avoid strong sun exposure for 30 days before and after my treatment.

Now, 9 treatments later, I am happy to say that I am hair free!

Statement form Zen client.