Beach with a palm treeZen Lifestyle Edinburgh – Our top five pre holiday treatments.

Here at Zen we thought we would make it nice and easy for you get ready for your holiday. We have made you a list of you top five ‘must have’ treatments to make you feel fab while baring all on the beach.

1. Brazilian wax – At Zen we use hot wax for our Brazilian waxing and all other bikini line waxing making the treatment results better and a lot less painful (hurrah!) A Brazilian is a must before going on any beach holiday. The result will last for weeks meaning no more shaving (and no more embarrassing shaving rashes, yes we’ve all had them!) leaving you free and hair free to enjoy your holiday.

2. Eyelash Extensions – Everyone hates the thought of no mascara during the day on holiday but we all hate the thought of panda eyes even more. Well, having Nouveau Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions at Zen means you won’t need to think twice about either.  Zen Teviot and Zen Bruntsfield both offer the Nouveau Lash Extensions, as they come in various sizes you can subtly enhance your natural lashes or go for a full on ‘Katie Price’ look should you wish!

3. Bio Sculpture 3 Week Manicure/Pedicure – Bio Sculpture Semi Permanent gels will allow to you to have salon perfect nails in either a colour or French polish for up to 3 weeks. No chipping, no smudging and no damage to your own nails – what more can we say! Available for both hands and feet.

4. Tanning treatment– After a long cold winter there’s certain parts of our body that haven’t seen the light of day for a long time. As we all know a bit of colour can hide a few lumps and bumps and make us feel more confident. Our White to Brown Spray Tan will allow to you to feel bronzed, beautiful and more confident in that bikini, while building up a natural colour meaning you have a realistic, healthy glow with no orange tones!

5. Microdermabrasion – The first couple of days on holiday can be a little nerve wracking….no make-up, skin a bit pale form all the work you had to do pre-holiday. Well this treatment could save you! Diamondtome is an advanced Microdemabrasion treatment designed to resurface and rejuvenate skin making skin smoother and fine lines less apparent. Your dead skin will be sloughed off leaving your skin clear and smooth, radiant and with natural luminosity. Perfect!