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Welcome to our December Beauty Insider blog! Each month some of the very best Scottish experts in health and beauty interview our very own founder Fiona to bring you the lowdown on all things beauty. This month Scottish model, beauty enthusiast and lifestyle blogger Hayley Daines of A Model Moment chats to Fiona about getting your skin party ready for the festive season ahead


HD: With party season here, we want to be looking our best! Is there a skincare ingredient / product / regime we should be focusing on to create the perfect base for our makeup?

Smooth, hydrated skin is the perfect base for makeup. I often recommend a Vitamin C serum which I find helps give the skin a lovely glow. This can be followed by a light reflecting primer.

Peels are excellent to give a really smooth dewy look to the skin and can be done a monthly basis. You can increase the intensity of the peel and how long it is on for if you are getting them done regularly for optimum results. To make are more dramatic difference you could also consider the Clear + Brilliant fractional laser or Rejuvapen micro-needling. Both these treatments help refine fine lines, reduce enlarged pores even out and reduce pigmentation and give the skin the ultimate glow.

HD: Would you put the majority of your skincare budget into at-home products or in-store treatments when it comes to creating the perfect base for makeup?

I think a balance is essential. There is no point in getting facials and peels then not keeping up the work at home. Homecare is essential as this is what you are doing on a daily basis. However, a balance is good as you can get salon treatments that aren’t available at home. Advanced facial treatments carried out by professionals can make a significant long term difference that you couldn’t achieve with home products alone.

HD: What’s your one can’t live without product that you’d recommend to keep your skin looking smooth daily and party ready in an instant

Without a doubt it has to be Retinol products. I am currently using R-Retinoate by Medik8, I can’t see past it. It’s had a transformational effect on my skin and clients are loving the effects on their skin too.

HD: Ahead of a special event or big festive party, what last minute treatment with quick results works? After all, we all want our makeup to look great when we’re photographed.

We actually offer a Red Carpet Facial designed specifically for these type of events which combines a peel in an hour long facial with an amazing firming mask for radiant skin. This can be done up to the day before. There is also our Zen Triple Action Facial which combines microdermabrasion, a collagen mask treatment and LED red light treatment. Ideally this should be done a few days before your event if you’ve not had it before.

HD: After turning 30 I found a change in the texture of my skin and makeup can sometimes settle in pores/fine lines. What there a product or treatment you would recommend to someone who is finding their skin texture change with age?

As we age gradually our skin loses moisture and the collagen and elastin begin to decrease which means it doesn’t have the same bounce and firmness it once had. A slow reduction of progesterone begins in our thirties as well which can often be seen in the skin. Keeping the skin regularly exfoliated and well hydrated is one of the most important things which help to keep the cell turnover happening.

I often recommend getting a microdermabrasion treatment or a peel which again removes the top dead layers of skin cells often clients combine this with the LED red light treatment which help to plump and hydrate the skin from within. This will really help to smooth our fine lines and reduce the appearance of open pores.

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Beauty enthusiast Hayley Daines is a Scottish model and lifestyle blogger of A Model Moment.