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Welcome to our August Beauty Insider blog! Each month some of the very best Scottish experts in health, beauty and wellbeing interview our very own founder Fiona to bring you the lowdown on all things beauty. This month lifestyle blogger and beauty lover Fiona Isard chats to our own Fiona about Autumn skin.

FI: What preparation would you recommend to get the most out of your skin, especially for those of us just coming back from our holidays?

I would recommend regular exfoliation and moisturising. The sun is so drying, so you need to keep your skin well hydrated. I would also suggest introducing some of the more corrective products back into your regime gradually, to help kick-start skin cell turnover and cellular hydration. The Priori products are excellent for this. A DiamondTome microdermabrasion facial is also a wonderful skin booster just after your holidays.

FI: When do you feel is best to exfoliate the skin, in the morning or evening?

I tend to exfoliate my body both morning and night, but it’s not always necessary. Either morning or evening is good as long as you are moisturising well afterwards. On the body I tend to do dry body brushing most days and occasionally a scrub in the shower.

On the face I only exfoliate about once or twice a week at the most however, this varies from person to person and the time of year. As I use quite corrective products I am doing a mini exfoliation every day with those.

FI: Great skincare products are obviously key, but is there anything you would recommend taking internally (supplement wise) for healthy skin?

Skinade for sure. It is the answer to internal skin solutions. Not only does it help boost collagen production (which is great for the body as well in particular cellulite) it also is packed with Vitamins B and C. It gives your skin an amazing glow and also gives you lots of natural energy so you can cut back on your caffeine intake.  This is our bestselling product as the result speak for themselves.

FI: Sunscreens for the face are so important. Which one is your favourite?

I think I my favourite is the Heliocare Air Gel. It’s factor 50 so you have great coverage, however it doesn’t feel anything like an SPF 50 it’s a very light weight formula that disappears into the skin and is actually a great base for makeup as well. It is non greasy and doesn’t make you look too shiny! I recommend this to everyone and it is excellent value for money at £32!

FI: What are your post-holiday beauty essentials?

A full body scrub is always great to treat your skin after a hard summer of sunbathing and splashing in the pool. The Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Scrub is a lovely, luxurious treatment which we combine with a massage to make it extra pampering. Afterwards your skin really does feel smooth, soft and nourished. A Pedicure is always great to smooth and soften the hard skin which builds up over the holidays, especially when we are tending to wear flip flops all day. And you can’t go wrong with a Zen Custom Facial to get your glow back!

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Fiona Isard is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and an aficionado of great skincare.