We would like to introduce you to our NEW Shellac nail system: the Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel from CND. It adds a clear light protective gel to the nail to provide a smooth, perfect finish to the natural nail.

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This super light smoothing gel is applied under the Shellac acting as barrier and strengthens the nail bed. As the application is so thin it is super subtle and doesn’t leave the nail bed thick unlike other gel applications. Also, unlike any other gel applications there is no additional buffing required and it soaks off just the same as regular Shellac. Its fuss free and brilliant!

The Smoothing Gel is ideal for weak, ridged or peeling nails to give a strengthened base for Shellac to then be applied.  If you work with your hands a lot and you find your nails suffer, then this might just do the trick and can prolong your Shellac polish.

Brisa Lite can be added onto any Shellac manicure and as we are such fans at Zen we are incorporating it into any Shellac manicure free!

We have had great feedback from clients that have already tried the new gel; they are loving the results and agree that it gives an amazing finish.

The Brisa Lite Gel can be removed easily at home with D.solve which is available in all salons for £6. Just follow the standard Shellac removal steps.