Here at Zen Lifestyle’s Edinburgh spa and salons we offer a range of massages to suit everyone. From Hot Stone Massage to Deep Tissue and more specialist Pregnancy Massage; whatever your needs you can be sure our highly trained Therapists will meet them.

All of our massages are tailored to suit you. When you arrive at our Edinburgh based salon, our experienced therapist will do a thorough consultation, they will discuss if you would like particular areas worked on or if you’d prefer a full body massage. You can even choose the pressure and which custom-mixed Elemis oil you would like to accompany your luxurious massage.

For those seeking a really deep tissue massage, we highly recommended the Hot Stone Massage. The heat from the stones penetrates 3 times deeper into the muscle than the hand alone and is guaranteed to leave both you and your tight muscles feeling more relaxed.

Our Pregnancy Massage is, as the name suggests, designed specifically for mothers to be. With special placement of cushions and pillows to ensure you feel comfortable we can work on those areas that are really starting to feel the strain. We also use a different range of oils that are perfect for pregnancy but aren’t too stimulating. Great for ladies reaching the later stages of pregnancy or for those just need a little extra pampering.

All of our massages are available for either 40 minutes or 60 minutes, again it’s all your choice. So if you are looking for a special treat for yourself or a loved one, whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a Zen Lifestyle massage. Call us for details or book in today.