You may have read about the latest craze in ‘BB’, ‘CC’ and now ‘DD’ creams. If you’re confused, then you’re not alone!

Alphabet Creams first took off in Korea as the missing link between make-up and skin care and now a whole host of brands have made these readily available. Great as they are, we realise that some of Alphabet Creams may not be ideal for everyone’s skin so we’ll show you how to make a custom one to suit your own skin type.

BB Cream – Beauty or Blemish Balm, is usually in the form of a tinted moisturiser and can smooth, brighten and even out skin tone as well as providing a high SPF to protect against sun damage. Suitable for younger skin, it can be used as a primer, moisturiser or foundation for a flawless look.
CC Cream – on the other hand is short for Complexion or Colour Corrector and focuses more on even-ing out skin issues like acne, redness, dullness or dark spots. The best ones usually contain a high SPF too. CC creams are best suited to problem prone skin or more mature skin and contain a host of vitamins to boost the complexion.
DD Cream – The Dynamic Do-It-All! This cream, which combines the benefits of BB and CC creams is excellent for anti-ageing and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.
How to make up an Alphabet Cream: Take your own preferred foundation which you use most regularly; apply one pump onto the palm of the hand and mix with two pumps of Murad ‘Invisiblur Protecting Shield (SPF 30)’ or your favourite corrector cream. If your corrector does not include an SPF, apply your usual SPF first before applying your home-made Alphabet cream. Easy as ABC…and D!