Want to be a bronzed goddess?

Fake Bake self-tan is the tanning solution we use at our Bruntsfield Place salon and the easy at home tan we recommend. The good thing about Fake Bake is that it adapts with your own skin tone to give you a natural looking colour. You don’t need to worry about going orange, as it has green undertones to give a more sun kissed olive tan.

We sell 3 different types of Fake Bake in store. The Fake Bake Original (£26) is what we use in the salon for your all over cream tan. Perfect for that holiday glow or special event, it gives a luxurious deep brown colour, or can be applied lighter for fairer skin tones. The Fake Bake Gold (£28) is a medium colour tan that contains antioxidants such as pomegranate and green tea. It also contains vitamins A & E to protect your skin as well as tan it. The new Fake Bake 60min (£25) is a spray application tan that develops in 60 minutes! Perfect for those who would prefer to wash the tan off before going to bed, or for those needing to be tanned in a hurry.

Siobhan’s ‘Fake it’ tips:

– Make sure you exfoliate your skin in the days leading up to applying fake tan. The AHA Priori Invigorating scrub is amazing for all over exfoliation.
– Use an oil free moisturiser on knees, elbows, feet and hands prior to tanning, or the Fake Bake smoothie which basically primes the skin.
– Sleep with full pyjamas on to save the sheets. However if you wait a couple of hours before going to bed it shouldn’t rub off on the sheets.
– When showering the next day after tanning make sure to pat dry. Being too vigorous with the towel will be like a buffer.
– Moisturise every day to make the tan last longer.
– If applying tan to the face it’s best to mix half tan and half moisturizer.

So don’t damage your skin with harmful rays or ageing sunbeds, why not get a healthy glow and just ‘fake it’?

Siobhan Hanna – Therapist Bruntsfield Place salon