Murads new Anti-ageing Blemish range has been a massive hit with some of our clients recently. These products are an extension to the clarifying range. The original clarifying products were suited best for those who had an excess of oil and daily breakouts. Although we have seen some FANTASIC results with these products, they weren’t the ideal choice for people who do tend to be concerned with breakouts but have a dry, dehydrated skin, which has thrown the old rule book out the window that if you have blemishes you must have an oilier skin! Some women as they age do suffer more from breakouts as a result of hormone imbalances which is where the anti-ageing blemish range comes in.

These wonderful products will help resolve concerns with breakouts, clogged pores, uneven skin texture AND fine lines and wrinkles. What more could you wish for!?

There are 3 steps to having clearer, more youthful looking skin

Step 1-  cleanse your face in the morning and at night with the “time-release blemish cleanser”  which has a lovely fresh, light foaming action. This cleanser will deliver a sustained blemish treatment throughout the day even hours after washing and optimizes skins hydration.

Step 2-  after cleansing apply 1 pump of “blemish & wrinkle reducer” over face and neck, this contains salicylic acid, tea tree extract and silver citrate which is  antibacterial so it will help  to banish those blemishes and with the Kombucha Collagen defence your skin will appear younger in a matter of weeks or even days. If your one of those people who feel their skin tight after cleansing – this product will help as it also contains hydrators such as sodium PCA and hydrolysed wheat protein.

Step 3- apply a small amount of the Anti-ageing moisturiser SPF 20 over your blemish and wrinkle reducer to protect your skin from the harmful rays of UVB and UVA which damage our skin’s DNA. With a high level of internationally recognised PA++ rating and your SPF 20 your skin is well and truly protected. Oil regulators keep your skin looking fresh throughout the day and Kombucha collagen defence stimulates collagen production to plump out those fine lines and wrinkles.